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In this article, we will learn what carbon copy and blind carbon copy are in Microsoft Outlook.

When you want to send an email, most of the time you will use the To field for the attention, and Carbon Copy (Cc) is used when you want to send the copy so that everyone can see it.

The three fields are Blind Carbon Copy (BCC). If you want to send the email privately and you do not want the recipient to see that you sent it to this contact at that time, you will use Bcc.

Email with (Cc) and (Bcc)

When you compose an email, Bcc is not visible by default. You can see the To and Cc fields. To add the Bcc field, click Options and select Bcc.

What is CC and BCC in Emails

As you can see in the below image, the Bcc field has been added and now you can send an email using the Bcc field.

What is CC and BCC in Emails

In the above scenario an email send by user To: and

Users in the To and Cc fields don’t know that the email is sent to the Bcc field user, which is called “Bcc,” sending email privately without letting the To and Cc field users know.

When to use Bcc

Let’s say you send an email to the vendor for the payment reminder and let your manager know about this, so you include your manager in the Bcc field. The vendor won’t know that the email copy was also received by your manager.

If you manage to reply to the email, then the vendor will know that you informed your manager.

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Carbon Copy (Cc) is used when you want to send someone a copy of your email and want to keep them in the loop, and Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) is used when you want to send an email to someone privately. Any email in the Bcc field will be invisible to anyone else in the To and Cc fields.

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