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The World Marketplace for Graphene and 2D Supplies to 2033

Printed February 2023 | 757 pages, 190 tables, 245 figures | Obtain desk of contents

The marketplace for graphene has grown vastly previously decade, with quite a few merchandise now in the marketplace and extra to return as graphene producers document steadily growing revenues and OEMs witnessing vital returns in clothes, sportswear, footwear, tires, batteries and so on. The marketplace for graphene in batteries is witnessing large-scale investments. 

Graphene is attracting growing consideration from traders, researchers and industrial gamers resulting from distinctive mechanical, digital, and thermal properties. Graphene is obtainable in multi-ton portions from many producers and has been recognized by many business sectors as a key supplies that can drive future product improvement in versatile electronics, sensible textiles, biosensors, drug supply, water filtration, supercapacitors and extra.

The World Marketplace for Graphene and 2D Supplies is probably the most complete and up-to date report on graphene and 2D supplies at present out there, from the world”s main market authority on graphene and writer of Graphene Journal. Profiling over 360 firms, the report offers key data for traders and executives to allow them to grasp and benefit from the alternatives supplied by graphene and 2D supplies.

The World Marketplace for Graphene and 2D Supplies incorporates:

  • Evaluation of graphene by market together with functions, key advantages, market megatrends, market drivers for graphene, know-how drawbacks, competing supplies, potential consumption of graphene to 2033 and important gamers.
  • Evaluation of graphene supplies (CVD graphene, graphene nano platelets, graphene oxide, and so on), intermediate merchandise (graphene masterbatches, dispersions, and so on) and last merchandise with graphene embedded (e.g. headphones, tennis racquets, and so on). Tabular knowledge on present graphene merchandise.
  • Graphical depictions of graphene functions by market.
  • In depth-assessment of graphene producer and distributor pricing in 2023.
  • World marketplace for graphene in tons, by sector, historic and forecast to 2033. World graphene market dimension cut up by market in 2022 and for every software to 2033.
  • Full listing of know-how collaborations, strategic partnerships, and M&As within the world graphene market together with collaboration dates. 
  • Functions roadmap, by market. 
  • In-depth profiles of greater than 350 graphene and 2D supplies producers and software/product builders together with merchandise, manufacturing capacities, manufacturing strategies, collaborations, licensing, prospects and goal markets. Corporations profiled embrace Anaphite Restricted, CamGraPhic, Directa Plus, First Graphene, World Graphene Group, Graphjet Expertise Sdn. Bhd., Grapheal, Graphex Group Ltd, Haydale Graphene, Graphmatech, Huvis, Lyten, NanoXplore, Paragraf, SafeLi LLC, Saint Jean Carbon, Versarien andTalga Sources.
  • Listing of ex-graphene producers. 
  • Detailed forecasts for key progress areas, alternatives and demand.
  • Market overview of business developments in 2020-23. 
  • Distinctive market evaluation instruments to evaluate the viability of graphene, by market, and software.
  • Market evaluation of different 2D supplies.
  • Evaluation of 2D supplies market together with Boron Nitride nanotubes (BNNTs), hexagonal boron-nitride (BNNS), transition steel dichalcogenides (TMDC), Mxenes, Borophene, Phosphorene, Graphitic carbon nitride, Germanene, Graphyne, graphane, Rhenium disulfide (ReS2) and diselenide (ReSe2), silicene, Stanene/tinene, Tungsten diselenide, Antimonene, diamene and indium selenide. 


The Global Market for Graphene and 2D Materials to 2033

The World Marketplace for Graphene and 2D Supplies to 2033

PDF obtain plus 12 challenge subscription to Graphene Journal.

The Global Market for Graphene and 2D Materials to 2033

The World Marketplace for Graphene and 2D Supplies to 2033

Print version (together with tracked supply) and PDF plus 12 challenge subscription to Graphene Journal.

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