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Researchers uncover new self-assembled crystal constructions

Cornell researchers discover new self-assembled crystal structures
Conceptual picture showcasing a number of interplay potential shapes, represented by stems, that can result in the self-assembly of latest low-coordinated crystal constructions, represented by flowers. Credit score: Hillary Pan

Utilizing a focused computational strategy, researchers within the Division of Supplies Science and Engineering at Cornell College have discovered greater than 20 new self-assembled crystal constructions, none of which had been noticed beforehand.

The analysis, printed within the journal ACS Nano below the title “Focused Discovery of Low-Coordinated Crystal Constructions through Tunable Particle Interactions,” is authored by Ph.D. pupil Hillary Pan and her advisor Julia Dshemuchadse, assistant professor of supplies science and engineering.

“Primarily we have been attempting to determine what varieties of latest crystal construction configurations we are able to self-assemble in simulation,” Pan mentioned. “Essentially the most thrilling factor was that we discovered new constructions that weren’t beforehand listed in any crystal construction database; these particles are literally assembling into one thing that no person had ever seen earlier than.”

The workforce carried out a focused seek for beforehand unknown low-coordinated assemblies inside an enormous parameter house spanned by particles interacting through isotropic pair potentials, the paper states. “Low-coordinated constructions have anisotropic native environments, which means that the geometries are extremely directional, so it is unbelievable that we’re capable of see such a wide range of a lot of these constructions utilizing purely non-directional interactions,” mentioned Pan.

Low particle coordination is a structural attribute key to the purposeful properties of many technologically vital supplies together with framework constructions reminiscent of metal-organic frameworks, clathrates, and zeolites in addition to photonic crystals reminiscent of diamond.

The researchers developed a brand new purposeful kind for particle interactions during which all options might be tuned independently. By systematically altering pairs of parameters in simulation, the researchers have been capable of management varied options of the particles’ interplay panorama. Regardless of limiting the search to a small area of the huge parameter house of attainable particle interactions, the paper states, a wealth of complexity and symmetry is obvious inside these crystal constructions, which embody clathrates with empty cages and low-symmetry constructions, which had additionally not been noticed beforehand in simulation.

The work demonstrates that difficult constructions can develop from easy interactions and provides new theoretical constructions for others working within the discipline. The workforce’s versatile and intuitive interplay potential design serves as an vital step in the direction of figuring out the traits of particle interactions that result in sure structural properties, helpful for establishing artificial guidelines to make goal constructions.

The workforce’s findings counsel that there are doubtlessly limitless new and unique supplies configurations attainable by way of managed self-assembly. “That is the primary time that we’re quantifying the connection of this isotropic pair potential with the crystal constructions that outcome,” Dshemuchadse mentioned. “These new crystal constructions can now function design targets for researchers who truly make nanoparticles and colloids.”

Extra info:
Hillary Pan et al, Focused Discovery of Low-Coordinated Crystal Constructions through Tunable Particle Interactions, ACS Nano (2023). DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.2c09131

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