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Researchers fabricate mechanical metamaterials with ultra-high vitality absorption capability

Researchers Fabricate Mechanical Metamaterials with Ultra-high Energy Absorption Capacity
The SEM picture of a FIB-milled quasi-BCC beam nanolattice. Credit score: IMP

Chinese language researchers have efficiently fabricated mechanical metamaterials with ultra-high vitality absorption capability utilizing ion monitor know-how. The outcomes have been printed in Nature Communications as an Editor’s Spotlight.

The examine was performed by the researchers from the Supplies Analysis Heart of the Institute of Fashionable Physics (IMP) of the Chinese language Academy of Sciences (CAS) and their collaborators from Chongqing College.

Mechanical metamaterials check with a category of composite supplies with artificially designed constructions, which exhibit extraordinary mechanical properties that conventional supplies don’t have. Amongst them, vitality absorption mechanical metamaterials can soak up mechanical vitality extra effectively, which requires the fabric itself to equip each excessive energy and excessive pressure capability, which, nevertheless, hardly co-exist normally.

Nanolattice is a brand new class of mechanical metamaterials with attribute sizes on the nanoscale. As a result of dimension results, geometrical configuration, and materials choice, the mechanical properties of this sort of porous supplies are very completely different from these of bulk supplies. Given its even higher mechanical properties with lighter weight, nanolattice is anticipated to deliver revolutionary functions within the discipline of high-performance purposeful supplies sooner or later.

Beam-structured nanolattice is the analysis focus of nanolattice metamaterials. Nonetheless, it has been difficult to manufacture metallic beam nanolattice with beam diameter lower than 100 nm, so its mechanical properties nonetheless stay ambiguous.

On this work, based mostly on the Heavy Ion Analysis Facility at Lanzhou (HIRFL), the researchers fabricated a brand new kind of quasi-body centered cubic (quasi-BCC) beam nanolattice mechanical metamaterial with ion monitor know-how. The beam diameter of the quasi-BCC nanolattice might be as small as 34 nm, a file low beam diameter of mechanical metamaterials.

Moreover, the researchers demonstrated that gold and copper quasi-BCC beam nanolattices have wonderful vitality absorption capability and compressive energy. The experiments confirmed that the vitality absorption capability of the copper quasi-BCC beam nanolattice exceeds that of the beforehand reported beam nanolattice. The yield energy of the gold and copper quasi-BCC beam nanolattices exceeds that of the corresponding bulk supplies at lower than half the density of the latter.

Moreover, the researchers revealed that the extraordinary mechanical properties are primarily because of the synergistic impact of dimension results, quasi-BCC geometry, and good ductility of metals.

This examine sheds gentle on the mechanical properties of the beam nanolattices, and applies ion monitor know-how as a brand new methodology for the exploration of beam nanolattice with ultra-high vitality absorption capability.

Extra info:
Hongwei Cheng et al, Mechanical metamaterials fabricated from freestanding quasi-BCC nanolattices of gold and copper with ultra-high vitality absorption capability, Nature Communications (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s41467-023-36965-4

Researchers fabricate mechanical metamaterials with ultra-high vitality absorption capability (2023, April 21)
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