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Netflix makes it easier for users to navigate through My List

Netflix on Monday announced an update to its iOS and Android app that refines the experience of using the “My List” feature, which lets users save movies and shows they want to watch later. With the update, My List now has filter options, making it easier for users to find the content they want.

Netflix enhances the navigability of its My List

My List now includes multiple filter options. For example, users can sort titles by release date, alphabetical order, and the date when the content was added to the list. Beyond simple filters like “Movies” and “TV Shows,” there are some very useful filters like “Haven’t Started” and “Started” that, as the name suggests, organize the titles based on what the user has or hasn’t started watching.

Before this update, My List did not have any filter options. As noted by TechCrunch, users had to keep scrolling through the list to find specific titles. In addition to filters, the update also adds a new swipe gesture to quickly delete content from the list.

It’s worth noting that although My List is available on the web and Smart TVs, today’s organization update is coming exclusively to smartphones – at least for now. The company stated in the report that it has no plans yet to add the filters to other platforms. However, what Netflix users on TV will soon get is a new “Coming Soon” section right on the app’s home screen.

The new My List filters are now being rolled out to Android users. According to the company, iPhone users will get the update over the next few weeks.

Netflix makes it easier for users to navigate through 'My List' on its mobile app.

Password sharing prevention in the US

Last month, Netflix announced that it was rolling out its new measures to crack down on the sharing of account passwords in the US. The new system, which is currently available in five countries, prevents users from sharing passwords with people outside of their households by requiring a device logged into a Netflix account to log into the home Wi-Fi network of that account at least once every 31 days.

In the countries where this policy is currently implemented, which include Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain, Netflix allows users to pay an extra monthly fee for a “sub-account” for people they don’t live with.

Netflix also recently updated its tvOS app to support the new ad-based tier. The Netflix app is available for free on the App Store. Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed in order to get access to the new features.

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