In this article, we will learn how to manage the rules in Outlook.com webmail that are already created.

The Importance of Managing Rules

In modern times, most businesses rely on email communication to exchange information between employees, partners, vendors, or customers. Employees are getting hundreds of emails every day, and sometimes it makes it difficult to manage them.

Without proper management of emails, we don’t know which email is the top priority email and which is the least important. This could lead to lost business opportunities or the loss of customers.

Rules are one of the important features in email messaging that helps you to manage all your incoming emails effectively based on the criteria that you set for them.

Rules Best Practice

  • Disable or delete the rules that have not been in use for a long time.
  • Create rules for important messages. not for every incoming message.
  • Avoid giving lengthy names to the rules.
  • Combine the several similar rules.
  • Stop processing more rules.

Modify an Existing Rule

In this example, we will edit the rule that moves all the email messages with the subject “Meeting” to a “Meetings” folder. The new rule will be that all the emails coming from EasyTechHub users with the subject “Meetings” will be moved to a “Meetings” folder.

Follow the steps below to edit the existing rules in Outlook.com.

1.Log on to your Outlook.com account. Select Settings > View all settings.

Then select Mail > Rules and under the rules, click the “Edit” icon on the rule that you want to edit.

How to Manage Rules in Outlook.com

2. Below is the image of an existing rule.

How to Manage Rules in Outlook.com

3. We have made changes to the existing rule and added the following conditions:

Message received from easytechhub@gmail.com with a subject that includes “Meeting“. It will be moved to a folder called “Meetings“. After editing the rule, select “Run rule now” and click Save.

How to Manage Rules in Outlook.com

4. Rule has been edited.

How to Manage Rules in Outlook.com

Set the Rules in Order

You can set the order of the rules by moving them up and down. Inbox rules are applied to the incoming email messages based on the order they are in the inbox rules list.

As you can see in the image below, there are two rules. The first is the “Meetings” rule, and the second is the “Microsoft Azure” rule.

How to Manage Rules in Outlook.com

We have moved the “Microsoft Azure” rule to the top by using the up arrow. You can use the up and down arrows to move the rules.

How to Manage Rules in Outlook.com

Delete the Existing Rule

For any reason you don’t want the rules anymore, you can delete them. In this example, we will delete the rule “Meetings” by following the steps below.

1. To delete the rule, navigate to Settings > View all settings > Mail > Rules.

Under rules, click the delete icon on the rule that you want to delete.

2. Select “OK” to delete the rule.

3. As you can see in the below image, the rule called “Meetings” has been deleted.

How to Manage Rules in Outlook.com

Follow our post below on how to create inbox rules in Outlook.com.



Most businesses rely on email communications for both internal and external communications. Rules are one of the important features in email communication when you want to manage hundreds of emails. In this blog post, we learned how to manage rules in Outlook.com.

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By Feroz Khan

Feroz Khan works as a system administrator with more than 12 years of experience in information technology. He would like to share the knowledge with others that he has gained during his working experience.

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