In this article, we will learn how to create a new outlook.com account for personal use.

What is Outlook.com

Outlook.com is a free web-based email service provider developed by Microsoft. It includes calendaring, contact, and task services. It was founded in 1996, originally as Hotmail.

Like Gmail, Outlook.com also has a user-friendly interface, which makes it the most popular amongst users. It is available in 106 languages and currently has 400 million active users.

Its features include 15GB of free email storage, scheduling email, apps for Android and iOS devices, creating new meetings, tasks, and appointments in the same window, keyboard shortcuts, effective task management, calendar sharing, and file sharing via OneDrive with ease.

How to sign up to Outlook.com

Click on Outlook.com to sign up for free. Click “Create free account.”

How to Create a New Outlook.com Account

Specify the email address that you would like to create and click Next.

How to Create a New Outlook.com Account

Type your password. It is recommended to use a minimum of eight characters, with uppercase, lowercase, and non-alphanumeric characters.

If you would like to receive information, tips, and offers about Microsoft products and services, then select I would like and click Next.

How to Create a New Outlook.com Account

Enter the first and last name and click “Next.”

How to Create a New Outlook.com Account

Select your country/region and birthday, then click “Next.”

How to Create a New Outlook.com Account

Solve the puzzle and then click “Next”.

How to Create a New Outlook.com Account

You have created an outlook.com email account successfully.

Follow our below post to create a new Gmail Account



Outlook.com is a free-to-use email service for personal use, formerly known as Hotmail, developed by Microsoft. We have learned in this blog post, how to create a new Outlook.com account.

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By Feroz Khan

Feroz Khan works as a system administrator with more than 12 years of experience in information technology. He would like to share the knowledge with others that he has gained during his working experience.

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