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If you are using Microsoft Outlook for your work or personal use, it gives you the option to configure it as Out of Office. The reply feature is very useful when you are going away on vacation. It will let the other people know that you are not available to reply to the messages.

You can set up an Out of Office reply on your desktop computer or mobile device. The automated reply will remain on until the end of the specified out of office duration. If you do not determine the period, then out-of-office replies will be on indefinitely until you turn them off.

Configure Out Of Office Reply in Microsoft Outlook

1. Open MS Outlook application click File.

2. Click Info > Automatic Replies.

How to Configure Out Of Office in Outlook

3. Select “Send automatic replies” in the automatic reply box. On the Inside My Organization tab, write your message that you want to send to your co-workers and click OK.

How to Configure Out Of Office in Outlook

4. If you want to send an automatic reply at a specific date and time, then select only send during this time range and select start time and end time and then click OK.

How to Configure Out Of Office in Outlook

5. If you want to send an automatic reply to people outside your company, then select the Outside My Organization tab, write your message, and click OK.

Microsoft doesn’t recommend using send automatic reply to send emails to outside my organization because it will send emails including newsletters, advertisements, and potentially junk email. If you want to send automatic replies to those outside your organization, we recommend choosing “My contacts only.”

The first thing you have to do when you return to work is to turn off “Out of Office” replies. If you forget, it will automatically reply to all your incoming emails.

Follow the steps in the post below to learn how to add multiple accounts in Microsoft Outlook.



The Out of Office reply is one of the best features available in Microsoft Outlook and allows you to configure it whenever you are out on vacation.

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