In this article, we will learn how to use the default, comfortable, and company density features in Gmail.

What is Display Density in Gmail

Gmail density allows you to increase or decrease the white space of your email folders. Depending upon the size of your computer screen and your personal preference, you can switch between the three density options available in Gmail, such as Default, Comfortable, and Compact.

Three Display Density Options in Gmail

Default:It will show the moderate amount of space along with the second line of attachment files.

Comfortable: It shows a little bit less white space as compared to the default density and it does not show the second line of email attachments.

Compact: It uses less white space on the screen and displays only one line of an email inbox.

Login to your Gmail account and click Settings on the top-right side of the browser window. You will see three different density options such as Default, Comfortable, and Compact.

Density Default View

The density default view uses a moderate amount of white space. It displays the second line as containing attachment files, which helps you to quickly open the attachment files without opening the email itself.

Most of the time, people are using density view only, as it is the default view and is best for viewing attachment files very quickly.

How to Change Display Density in Gmail

Density Comfortable View

The density comfortable view has less white space between inbox emails and does not show the second line of attachments; instead, it indicates that the email contains an attachment and that you must open the email to view the attached file.

It is best for the bigger screen so you can quickly view an email without opening an attachment file.

How to Change Display Density in Gmail

Density Compact View

As the name suggests, the density compact view shows a very small amount of white space as compared with the default and comfortable density views. It makes the inbox very compact and allows you to see more email on your computer, laptop, or mobile screen.

It is best for smaller screens, such as tablets, mobiles, etc. and allows you to view more emails on a smaller screen.

How to Change Display Density in Gmail

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The Gmail display density feature helps you change the view of your email folders whenever you want to switch between the three different density options in Gmail. In this blog post, we learned how to use the density features of Gmail.

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