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In this blog post, we will learn what an Outlook email profile is and how to create multiple email profiles in the Microsoft Outlook email client.

What is an Outlook Email Profile?

An email profile is what Outlook uses to remember which email account is configured within MS Outlook. It is made up of email accounts, data files, and information about where your email is stored.

Whenever a user starts Microsoft Outlook, the default created profile will run, and most of the time, people generally use only one profile, but in some cases, users want to use two profiles, one for work and another for personal use. In this scenario, you can create multiple user profiles so that the data will be completely separated.

To switch between the profiles, you need to exit MS Outlook and then select the appropriate profile.

How to add Multiple Outlook Profile

In the Start button, search and open Control Panel. In Control Panel, search and open Mail.

How to Add Multiple Account Outlook

The Mail Setup window will not open if MS Outlook is not installed on the computer. Under Profiles, click Show Profiles.

How to Add Multiple Account Outlook

You will see the Default Profile Outlook. Click Add to add another profile.

How to Add Multiple Account Outlook

Follow the steps below to fill in the information for another email account.

For example.

Your Name: Dan Smith

Email Address:

Password: **********

Retype Password: **********

Click Next. Outlook will connect automatically to the email hosting server.

How to Add Multiple Account Outlook

After adding the new email profile you will see the multiple profiles click OK.

How to Add Multiple Account Outlook

Start the MS Outlook application, and choose which profile you want to use.

Follow the steps in the post below to configure Out-of-Office Reply in Microsoft Outlook.


MS Outlook allows you to add multiple profiles so that the data will be completely separate. You can manage your work and personal emails with ease. Follow the steps mentioned in this post to configure multiple email accounts in a single profile.

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