In this blog post, we will learn how to add a server to a domain network. You can also use the same steps to join a workstation computer to the domain.

After installing the Active Directory Domain Services role and promoting to domain controller on Windows Server, the next step is to join another server to a domain in the Active Directory environment. Active Directory will provide centralized management, authorization, and authentication.

You can also follow our article on how to install the ADDS role and then promote to a domain controller.

Add a Server to a Domain

You can add a server to a domain using a Graphic User Interface (GUI) or a PowerShell command. Before joining a server to a domain, you must be a member of the Administrators group or equivalent.

Add a server to a domain using GUI

1. Assign a Static IP Address to a server that will join a domain.

In our example,

  • Server IP:
  • Subnet:
  • Preferred DNS Server:
How to Add a Server to a Domain Network

2.Ping to a domain controller after assigning an IP address. After getting a reply, move on to the next step. If you are not getting a reply, try to troubleshoot the issue.

How to Add a Server to a Domain Network

3. Right-click on the “This PC” icon on the desktop and then click Properties, or open the Server Manager window, go to the Local Server section and click Workgroup (follow from step 5).

How to Add a Server to a Domain Network

4. Select Advanced system settings.

5. Click Change under the Computer Name tab.

How to Add a Server to a Domain Network

6. In the “Member of” section, select “Domain” and provide the domain name of your local Active Directory, for example,, and click OK. You will be asked to enter the login credentials of your domain user that has the right to add servers to the domain, such as Administrator.

How to Add a Server to a Domain Network

7. Weclome to the domain message will appear click OK.

8. Restart the server to make the changes take effect. If you click OK, it will restart the server. After the server is restarted, logon with the domain network.

How to Add a Server to a Domain Network

Add a server to a domain using Powershell

Open a PowerShell window with administrator privileges and type the following command by changing DomainName to yours and DomainUser to a domain user account.

Add-Computer -DomainName DomainName -Credential DomainUser

Following is the example in our case.

Add-Computer -DomainName easytechhub -Credential easytechhub\Administrator

After the command completes successfully, enter the password and restart the server to complete the process.


Adding a server to a domain network is the very first step you will take after installing the ADDS role and promoting the server to a domain controller.

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