Veeam Recovery Media


In this blog post we will learn what Veeam recovery media is, how to create recovery media with Veeam Agent for Windows, and finally, how to burn image files and create bootable USB flash drives with Rufus.

What is Veeam Recovery Media?

The Veeam recovery media contains all the data that is required to run the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is very important to have recovery media when the operating system is inaccessible due to hard disk failure or crash.

Create Recovery Media with Veeam Agent for Windows

To create Veeam recovery media, launch the recovery media wizard, specify the type of media you want to create, and make sure to select “Include network connection settings from this computer” and “Include hardware drivers from this computer“. Both are recommended options. Then click Next.

Creating Veeam Recovery Media for Windows

Select the image path. You can select “This share the required access credentials“, then provide the username and password to secure access, and then click Next.

Creating Veeam Recovery Media for Windows

Review the recovery image settings, and then click Create.

Creating Veeam Recovery Media for Windows

Click Finish and wait for the recovery image creation process to complete.

See the below image as the recovery image media location.

Next step is to burn this image to CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive.

Download Rufus from the below link to create a bootable USB flash drive.

Rufus is a tiny little portable program. Backup your USB flash drive data, otherwise it will be wiped out. Insert the USB flash drive and run the software.

Select the recovery media image file and click Start.

Click OK. It will wipe out all the data from the flash drive.

After completing the process, click “Close.” You have successfully made Veeam Recovery bootable media.

Follow our post on how to download and install Veeam Agent for Windows.


Veeam Agent for Windows Recovery Media is a very handy feature to have when you want to take a backup of your desktop or laptop computer onto an external USB flash drive.

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