In this article, we will see how to configure the home tab of Veritas Backup Exec 21.2 after the successful installation of the backup software.

The Home Tab is a place where you can customize the look of your home tab interface. You can drag and drop items to move them to another location within the home tab or maximize a single item.

Configure Home Tab Settings in Backup Exec

After the successful installation of Backup Exec, one of the very first things you can do is customize the home tab. It contains Backup Exec data and links to frequently used features.

The default “Two Columns” view of the home tab.

Configure Home Tab in Veritas Backup Exec

When you select “Three Columns” in the layout group, you will see the three-column view of the home tab.

In the System Health and Support groups, select the check box for the items that you want to display.

Configure Home Tab in Veritas Backup Exec

If you want to return to the default settings, just click on the “Reset Home Tab“. It will switch to the default settings.

You can configure the home tab by selecting the Layout, System Health, and Support groups.


  • One Column.
  • Two Columns.
  • Narrow/Wide.
  • Three Columns.
  • Reset Home Tab.

System Health

  • Active Alerts.
  • Alert History.
  • Backup Status.
  • Backup Size.
  • Storage Status.
  • Simplified Disaster Recovery.
  • Database Encryption Key.
  • Virtual Machine Backups.
  • Instant Cloud Recovery Status.
  • Licensed Status.


  • Technical Support.
  • Documentation.
  • Licensing Information.
  • Backup Exec RSS Reader.
  • Installation and Upgrades.

Follow our article below on how to install Veritas Backup Exec.


The Home tab is where you can customize the layout, system health, and support group categories of your Veritas Backup Exec interface as per your preference.

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