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In this blog post, we will learn how to backup and restore files and folders using the free edition of the AOMEI Backupper backup software.

What is File/Folder backup?

File or Folder backup features allow you to take a back up of your important files and folders, such as documents, pictures, audio, videos, etc., to an image file.

To secure your data, it is a very useful feature. You can easily restore your data in case a file or folder is corrupted or damaged due to malware or any other reason.

How to perform File/Folder Backup

1. Open the AOMEI Backupper Standard application, select Backup, then click “File Backup.”

Backup and Restore File and Folder in AOMEI Backupper

2. Click edit under task name and provide a unique name to identify it easily. Click Add Folder or Add File and select the source data to backup.

Backup and Restore File and Folder in AOMEI Backupper

3. Select the destination location to save the backup, click Start Backup, and wait for the backup process to complete.

Backup and Restore File and Folder in AOMEI Backupper

While your backup is running, you can click on the settings icon and choose that, on completion of the backup, your computer should shutdown, restart, hibernate, or sleep.

4. After the backup is completed, click Finish and check the destination location where you saved the backup image file.

How to restore File/Folder

If your files or folders are lost or damaged and you want to restore them to their original state, then use this feature. It will restore the files or folders from the backup image file.

1. Select Restore and then Select Task.

Backup and Restore File and Folder in AOMEI Backupper

2. Select the backup file image that you want to restore from the available list and click Next.

3. Choose the backup image version as per the backup point in time, select the files or folders which you want to restore, then click Next.

4. Select a destination path to restore the file. You can restore it to the original location or else to the new location. Then click Start Restore to start the restoration process.

Learn how to backup and restore your operating system in AOMEI Backupper Standard Free Edition by following the post below.


Backup File/Folder is a very effective feature to have if you want to take a backup of your files and folders. You can always restore the file or folder from the backup image file in case the file or folder is damaged or corrupted.

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